Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today's message is going green!

That's right! It is time to go green! Green tea that is! Good news everyone!! The 3 new Monster Rehab flavors are out!! Today I'll be reviewing the first one to catch my eye, Monster Rehab Green Tea + Energy! I'll start by saying this thing is amazing! Truly amazing, in every aspect! The energy levels, strong but not jittery. The flavor, full and delicious, not too weak or too overpowering. The rehydration, its refreshing while not watered down. It tastes like an amazing glass of sweetened green tea, seriously refreshing and seriously great. Powered by Monster's 'Rehab' energy blend with the addition of quercetin, this thing refreshes, rehydrates, and revives you like nothing else. This is truly my new favorite Monster. I highly recommend picking one up if you happen to see it. It is still fairly new, but it should be widely available soon. Keep up the good work guys!!!