Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Code 5150 in progress, backup requested!

That's right! We're back in 5th gear! It's time to get a little loco with some help from our next contender! 5150 energy mix! That's right boys and girls today we are reviewing something that isn't your typical energy drink! This concoction puts you in total control of everything! Since it is just a mix you control the flavor, the strength, even what you put it in! That's right, high octane brownies! Since its a flavorless clear liquid the possibilities are endless! You could add it to marinade, you could make pancakes with a little get up and go in the mornings, you can even drop some in your shampoo for a really invigorating shower! And since you control how much you put in, you are in complete control of this beast! One of the great things about this mix is its simplicity! Ingredients total up to purified water, caffeine, citric acid and sodium benzoate (to keep it fresh). Another thing I love about this product is its amazing value, at 500mg caffeine in each fl oz, a little bit goes a LONG way! They have a great site absolutely chock full of information at- where you can read about some great uses, or order some if you can't find it in stores around you. Bottom line here is that with so much bang for your buck this powerhouse is definitely worth picking up!