Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For the juice heads out there!

Our next contender comes from the ranks of the Monster Army...Weighing in at 16 FL.OZ... 80% Juice - 100%  Monster... I present to you Monster M-80!!! With a tropical fruit juice flavor this version of Monster rules! It will get you juiced to do anything! It is powered by the typical monster energy blend which is more than enough to get you tearing through your work like a monster! This is another big hit from the Monster franchise! It is made up of 80% juice which is great for those on a health kick, or if you genuinely live a healthier life style! It mixes well and would be a great ingredient to add some power to a smoothie or other drink like that! As this is a big name drink it is readily available almost everywhere energy drinks are sold, so support your local small businesses, every little bit helps! Try this one and I'm sure you will come back to it, I know its one of my go-to's!


  1. It's also easier to drink down if that taste isn't concentrated into one small shot but rather diluted into a lot of good-tasting juice. Like the difference between a cuban or turkish espresso and a coffee.

  2. I'm drinking original monster now because i get it free, but i might have to try this type sometime.

  3. I need some energy as well. Just read that coffee prevents high blood pressure so I think I will have some of that.