Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now for a real boost!

Moving at full speed is great, but theres always that one person who is just a little faster. Thats when you need a real boost! Thats where NOS comes in and gives you that insane boost of power that you need! Original NOS is an ├╝ber powerful orange flavored energy drink! It is human horsepower! It will give you the boost you need to lead the pack! Its delicious orange flavor is smooth, and makes a great replacement for both your morning coffee and your orange juice! It is powered by 1000mg of Taurine, 200mg of L-Carnitine, 130mg Caffine, 100mg of Inositol, and 50mg Ginseng. Since not many people can control speeds like that, it does sometimes cause a crash at the end. Overall it is a great choice to give you that boost you need! It is readily available at most major providers so go grab a can today!


  1. NOS is definitely my favorite, by far!!
    So delicious. Mmmmm :)

  2. When I was dishwashing in Michigan I would use the mini-thins to keep me going. Tried the energy drinks but I couldnt find one that tasted decent. Maybe if I follow you I'll find some. :)

  3. NOS is by far my favorite energy drink, probably one of the few that don't taste like piss.