Friday, February 18, 2011

Time to man up!

When there is real work that needs to be done, and you just don't have the energy, turn to our next drink... BAWLS! Bawls will help you man up to whatever stands in your way, be it paintball or The Covenant! This isn't an insane jacked up boost of energy, its more like a 747, super smooth even though you are going 500 miles an hour! The taste is super smooth too, it pulls its sweet mellow taste from the guarana berry, it is sure to satisfy! Each bottle is powered by 64mg Caffeine, and Guarana extract. Bawls gives you a good boost of energy, while still allowing you to concentrate fully. Bawls is targeted at both athletes (paintball, BMX, snowboarding) and gamers! It is stocked at places that cater to these types of people, and all over the internet! Bawls is an awesome drink!! I recommend you pick it up when you get the chance!!!


  1. My friend would drink a ton of BAWLS, I remember that drink. Couldn't stand it myself though.